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How’s That Socialism Going America?

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - One thing that never mixed well with Americans is the European model of socialism that President Obama has foisted on the once great nation.

With the soviet ideals of political correctness, Obamacare, mass surveillance, and utter public funds wastage that Obama has endorsed, America is nearly unrecognisable now as a nation from its past incarnation.

“What socialism does is it destroys vast swathes of a nation, it ruins the economy and increases welfare dependence. The role of socialism is to get as many people on welfare as possible in the shortest time possible. This method of governance will ensure a guaranteed voter base for the next elections as people who are dependent on welfare are forced to vote for the socialist party in order to keep their benefits. It has been going on in Britain for many years, and is the key electoral strategy for the Labour party. Obama used the same strategy to get voted in a second time, and after his tenure ends, another socialist government will come in in America. This is also why they are appealing to illegal immigrants in America to be recognised and given an amnesty, purely for electoral reasons. These are easy votes for them, as they let in as many people as they possibly can. Each one of those people is a vote for the Democrat party,” Andrew McConnell, a Republican party worker told the Capitol Hill Herald.

As anyone who has lived under the spectre of socialism, the crux of the system lies in using other peoples money, the only problem with that is it eventually runs out. What then? One only has to see what happened to the UK after thirteen horrendous years of Labour rule. They bankrupted the country with tin pot socialist, cronyistic spending sprees, much like Obama is doing now in the good ol’ USA. They sold Britain’s gold reserves at the bottom of the market, they squandered every last penny of taxpayers money and let in so many unskilled immigrants from the Third World and former Soviet bloc that the country is now unrecognisable.

“Obama has murdered America from within. It was a hatchet job, a piece of seething revenge on what Americans had built up with their hard work over centuries. Obama’s legacy will be remembered by generations of Americans to come, as the one that took the USA into the dustbin of history, economically as well as culturally. What he has achieved is more destruction than a million Al Qaeda attacks, and unfortunately for the rest of the world, they will suffer as well because of America’s major importance. When they cannot pay their policemen, pay their teachers or even pay their street cleaners, then what will happen to the Land of the Free? He was a man that could have healed the nation, instead he drove it into the stinking mud of shameful defeat,” a previous Obama supporter told CBS news before being cut off.

When Obama came into office he immediately sent away the bust of Winston Churchill from the Oval Room for a very good reason, because it stood for everything he does not stand for. Freedom.

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