Prescott Signs Up For Free School Lunches

HULL - England - The former Labour Deputy Prime Minister, John 'Two Jags' Prescott has signed up for free school lunches his wife has revealed to the BBC.

“When he heard about it on the news he couldn’t stop licking his lips. He was talking about Toad in the Hole, rhubarb with custard and jabbering on about a double portion of gammon steak. He said he’s willing to go back to school for this,” Mr Prescott’s wife revealed today.

Mr Prescott has already bought a school uniform and will be attending Grinchester Primary where he will learn how to read and write.

Janice Muckles, the Head Teacher for the school said he was welcome to come to the school because there was plenty of room for classroom idiots at the back of the class.

“As long as he doesn’t eat any of the children with one of his notorious hunger fits, everything should be okay,” the Head Teacher explained.