Revealed: Godfrey Bloom Secret Tory Plant into UKIP

LONDON - England - After ruining the UKIP conference with some slut talk, Godfrey Bloom, a comedic genius, was seen whacking a Channel 4 reporter with a brochure.

News from sources within the Tory party have confirmed UKIP leader, Nigel Farage’s worst fears.

“We believe that gibbering clown is actually a Tory plant to make our party a laughing stock. I have to say I haven’t guffawed so much in years. He’s bloody hilarious!” a jovial Farage told the BBC.

Indeed Godfrey Bloom is very entertaining to watch and he puts his foot in everything, but this could also backfire on the Tories because people love to be entertained.

“It’s like watching a Benny Hill show or maybe Mind Your Language from the Eighties. I want Godfrey to get his own show, he’s so talented without actually realising it. Brilliant stuff,” a bystander at the reporter thwacking event revealed.

Channel 4 are in talks at this moment to get Godfrey his own reality show, which will be a surefire ratings hit.