Don’t Work So Hard It’s Counter Productive Say Experts

LONDON - England - At a young age we are taught that hard work is an important part of our lives, but a new study reveals that too many people are working hard in the world.

It is the common belief that hard work is a necessity in life but a team of experts are now saying the contrary is true. Hard work is extremely harmful to one’s sensibilities and in the modern world people need to stop working hard and relax more.

“Doing nothing is a great achievement in itself and will fulfill your life’s purpose with enormous rewards. Please do not adhere to the constant propaganda that you must work hard. Discard it and enjoy yourself instead. Laziness in the modern age should be celebrated as the technical side of things have already been taken care of,” Graham Labotomy, a key member of the research project told the BBC.

In the report it states that man should deem leisure activities as infinitely more important than hard work and also revealed how too many people working hard in the world just cause more problems.

“Simply put, there are too many people working hard. That’s a very bad thing because they’re doing things that they do not need to do. Laziness is the true standard and governments across the world need to promote that instead of work. Laziness is a more productive force, because lazy people find ways to do things in an easier more efficient fashion.”