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Prince Andrew and Cuomo: #MeToo Season Starts Early This Year

LONDON - England - Just like a bad case of the clap, #metoo comes and goes, this time though, it seems man-hating season begins early.

The controllers who orchestrate things seem to work in waves. In essence, there is usually a torrent of mass masculine public executions for a period of time, then it all dies down for awhile, before commencing many months later. This year, the #MeToo brigade are out in force rather early, in August.

“Not sure what happened to bring the #metoo hysteria forward a number of months this year but, it seems the usual October starting date is off,” one surprised media journalist quipped.

Prince Andrew is now being sued by a prostitute, and the Democrat Governor of New York is getting a thorough #metoo grilling as well.

Naturally, it is only men who behave badly. Women never do anything bad. If the tables were suddenly turned towards female indiscretions, then there would be a huge outcry of injustice, and unfairness. Of course, the #metoo cult labels all men as miscreants, all because of a few bad eggs, all men are labelled as ‘scum’ — this is the movement’s ultimate message they are trying to portray, and it seems to be working.

So, what can we expect from this season? Well, more of the same — the usual public shaming, loss of careers, loss of fair-weather friends, possibly some jail time, and generally more man hating. Look what happened to the formerly successful music artist, Ryan Adams, once a celebrated star, now a vilified abandoned wash out…that’s #metoo for you.

Who’s next? Break out the popcorn and Schlitz, sit back and watch the wave pass, until next season.




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