Lawyers Flock to Scene of 100-Vehicle Pile-up

KENT - England - There were scenes of utter chaos today at the scene of a terrible 100-vehicle pile-up as thousands of lawyers inundated the crash scene.

Police had to hold back the whiplash lawyers as they converged on the 100-vehicle pile-up in such numbers that twenty two buses were needed to carry them.

“It was mayhem, as soon as I got out of my car, thankfully in one piece, I was immediately accosted by four ambulance chasers telling me that I had broken my neck and I needed to sue,” Samuel Jessop, an accountant from Wiltsenstowe told the BBC.

According to one lawyer, who made great business in the few minutes he was on the crash scene, the plan is to sue the fog for thousands of pounds.

“My law firm made over £36,000 in less than fifteen minutes. I ask you who else can beat such a pay day?” Aaron Malice, a lawyer for Crook and Vice solicitors revealed.