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This Article Went Viral Tomorrow

LONDON - England - Hello. You are now reading this viral article from the future and it has gone kind of viral. Please do not be alarmed, just keep spreading it around, and around, around.

You will not know why you are sharing this viral article around all over twitter, facebook, digg or forums but you will have an uncontrollable urge to do so.

You may not even be aware you are spreading this viral article all over the web but nevertheless please do not fight it, just sit back on your chair, and keep sharing.

The article will spread like a virus across the internet seeping through every crack and cranny.

Ooh it feels so good to share, you don’t feel alive unless you do, the moment never happened unless you tell someone else.

This will go ballistic, you will make it spread far and wide and you believe it to be so.

There is something amazing about this article and you cannot control spreading it on social networks, you must instagram it, make videos of this viral article, talk about it everywhere, show your friends so they can show it to their friends.

You cannot control yourself, aaaAArgh!

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