Biden Bid For Communist Global Corporation Tax Should be Thwarted

WASHINGTON D.C - USA - Joe Biden's proposal for a global corporation tax scheme is part of his communist agenda and should be thwarted at all costs.

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Commie Joe Biden’s far left agenda of a global corporation tax is definitely not what Brexit Britain needs. We left the EU for more freedom in running our affairs, and along comes communist Joe Biden, and his bid to tie the globe down with his commie global tax agenda.

If Boris listens to the senile perverted commie who cheated his way into power, then he will lose a lot of support from many, locking Britain into the communist tax scheme is the last fucking thing we need.

The bumbling pinko commie fucker, Biden has called on the UK and 37 other members of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OCED) to enforce a minimum corporation tax rate of 21 percent.

These bully boy tactics by Biden will stifle business in Britain and the globe, creating an uncompetitive atmosphere resembling a Marxist manifesto’s collectivist dream policy.

Just because Biden wants to bankrupt America with his tin pot socialist pet projects that will needlessly pour trillions of dollars into a monetary black hole, does not mean he should force the rest of the globe to furnish his deluded communist fantasy.

There is no communist collectivist utopia Mr. Biden, and there never will be.