Could This Be Nelson Mandela’s Worst Nightmare?

JOHANNESBURG - South Africa - Is there Apartheid in heaven? Will Mr Mandela see P.W. Botha on the steps up to heaven or a fearful sign telling him to make his way down because he's black? It is a nightmarish thought for the poor chap that has probably crossed his mind at some time.

“I don’t want to see a Whites Only sign again. That’s just something I hope I never get to see, even if it is all white and heavenly up there,” Mr Mandela said from his hospital bed.

It certainly would be Nelson Mandela’s worst nightmare if there was a Whites Only policy in heaven.

“Yes, they may not let blacks into heaven, but if that’s the case, then I plan on changing that rule as well,” Mr Mandela added.

A fighter to the end.

  • Felis Leo

    St Peters usually asks a question to every entrant. PW Botha was asked to spell " Rose", and he did; so he got into Heaven. Nelson Mandela will be asked the same type of question, but this time it may be to spell other flowers like Ranunculus, Chrysanthemum etc.
    St Peters is very fair in heaven.