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Vinnie Jones Working as Anaesthetist in Russia

PERM - Russia - Vinnie Jones, the ex-football hard man and Hollywood actor has taken up working for a hospital in the Russian city of Perm, a city in the Urals,

“They bring ’em in. I look at ’em. Bosh! Done! They’re out!” Jones said about his new job as an anaesthatist.

The football hard man, who is more accustomed to squeezing Gazza’s meat and two veg, was looking for a new challenge to the usual meaningless Hollywood scripts he is given these days.

“I beat one man up, then thump anuvver. I thought why not do that for the good of someone instead.”

The cash strapped Russian hospital said they treasure Vinnie’s work and want him to stick around.

“We can’t afford real anaesthetic, usually we give the patient some vodka. We hired Vinnie Jones for free, he thumps them so hard they’re out cold for days,” chief surgeon, Vilnius Nomskiya, told the Ural state television broadcasting service.

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