Queen’s New Buckingham Palace Extension Raising Eyebrows

LONDON - England - The Queen's rolling in it these days. She just got a 5% pay rise on top of all the other money she has. That's why she has extended Buckingham Palace much to the chagrin of royal historians.

“One must understand that one has to have one’s room. This is why one has seen fit to extend one’s palace a little especially since one has had a pay rise. Shut up Charles, stop sulking in the corner,” the Queen said at a recent press engagement showing off the new extended buildings.

In addition to a few skyscrapers rising above the original palace building the Queen has even seen fit to add about five helicopter pads and a special room even for Fergie.

“Well, the Queen was feeling a little sorry for Fergie who’s currently homeless, so she built her a room in one of the skyscrapers. It’s far away from the normal royal residence so no one will see her,” a palace spokesman revealed to the BBC.