…and the Mean Santa Award Goes to…

ILLINOIS - USA - This year's mean Santa awards goes to a joyless person who seems to enjoy making little kids suffer.

mean socialist scumbag santa

Who the hell employs a mean spirited socialist Woke commie Santa Claus to upset all the kids in their store? The mean Santa awards has a winner this year.

Whoever this joyless piece of shit is, he needs to be tarred and feathered, then thrown into a very deep fucking crevice in the North Pole by the real Santa.

The little boy asked for a harmless plastic Nerf gun, which is a toy produced by Hasbro, but because this Woke Santa, a liberal socialist Marxist censorious, cancel culture loving turd of the highest inorder, does not believe in little boys having their toys or having fun, he denied him his Christmas wish.

Well fuck you socialist Santa, you’re lucky no members of the Daily Squib were there at the time, or we would have smacked your fat anti-liberty, anti-freedom commie ass into the middle of next week. Go work in China where you belong.