Americans Reaching Boiling Point Due to Election Impasse

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - Americans are reaching boiling point with regards to the election impasse due to massive electoral fraud being uncovered.

Minute-Man Trump

Everything is on the line here, the right-wingers versus the left-wingers, and who will win in such a polarised atmosphere is anybody’s guess.

The weird thing is election fraud also may have impacted the left wing Democrats as well, because Bernie Sanders had a huge following in the run-offs against a mediocre Biden, yet suddenly lost all the votes out of nowhere. It was as if someone came down and pressed a magic button erasing all of Bernie’s votes. Naturally, the same thing happened to Trump.

Now we’re getting talk of truck strikes, and one that started on the 29th November, and is still ongoing. The truckers are also not happy about the situation, and vow to bring some sense back into the equation after what they see a gross injustice and stolen election. If the truckers get started properly, they could easily shut down the cities, especially Democrat run ones, which are viewed highly unfavourably.

As for the evangelists, and god botherers, Right Wing Watch is showcasing a video by preacher Rick Wiles who warns of great carnage if Trump is finally overturned by the people who stole the election. The chilling warnings coming from Wiles, are in a sense a call to arms, and every person who thinks the election was stolen, irrespective of who they are may hear his words as gospel.

If they take him out, there is going to be violence in America. There are people in this country, veterans, cowboys, mountain men, guys that know how to fight, and they’re going to make a decision that the people that did this to Donald Trump are not going to get away with it and they’re going to hunt them down.

If these people in Washington think that they are going to get away with it, it’s not going to happen. The Trump supporters are going to hunt them down. It’s going to happen and this country is going to be plunged into darkness and they brought it upon themselves because they won’t back off.

They know if they get away this, there’s no country left it’s done, it’s finished,” he added. “When people have lost everything … they just lose it, alright, they’re going to go on a rampage and you’re not going to be able to put it back in the bottle.

The rhetoric, quite justly under the circumstances is “If we don’t fight for this country, we lose it”.