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Think Tank: Boston Bombings Not Quite Pearl Harbour/911 Event

WASHINGTON DC - USA - What happened in Boston on 415 could be used by the U.S. government to achieve further implementation of draconian laws taking away the freedoms of Americans, but it will probably not result in another invasion or war like 911 and Pearl Harbour did, says a prominent Think Tank.

“The use of easily controlled youth who have multiple personalities via trauma based mind control techniques and skilled dissociation is very well documented. These patsies are easily controlled by their controllers and their alters can be triggered quite easily. Furthermore, impressionable teenagers and children can easily be manipulated with the ruse of religion, especially radical Islam to achieve atrocities that will incite terror in the populations and thus green light certain laws that have come up against obstacles within the country. The mind naturally creates amnesiac filters when there is trauma/abuse, therefore the controllers of these two impressionable boys most certainly created split personalities, on many levels, with some parts of the mind not registering the other parts. This is why they could lead seemingly normal lives amongst others, but once their controllers triggered the alter and deadly part of their mind, they obeyed their masters perfectly,” professor Lewis Edelweiss, revealed in a recent journal on the subject.

Conspiracy theorists have been having a field day with the Boston bombers because there is so much information being released by certain agencies, and at times it is not clear who is releasing the well-timed snippets. Many of the ‘conspiracy theorists’ active on the internet are probably fronts for certain agencies, who bring forth predictive thoughts onto the public. They utilise fear to sell survivalist products and are fully protected by the government.

Trauma based mind control is used in every government agency, and military institution. Consider the fact that to become a soldier, the army first completely breaks your personality down, then they rebuild it for their own needs. No soldier can ever break away from their training because of the effective mind control technique that embedded it into their minds. A soldier has to obey their orders and because of their training they do so without question. The CIA utilise similar techniques with their operatives, and even regular policemen are indoctrinated to some level.

Jamestown Zbigniew Brzezinski

“The two boys who were brought down, and purportedly carried out the atrocities in Boston, were completely under the control of an agency probably within the United States because they would have to be guided and have their alters triggered by their controllers,” the professor added.

By using people who are sympathetic to Islam is a method of throwing the public off the trail and also engendering patriotic American feeling. Even if someone is being mentored under the ruse of religion, they do not know the people higher up the echelons of power who are really pulling the strings. Consider how America is supporting the Syrian rebels against Assad, who are mainly Al Qaeda affiliates. The next few days/weeks/months will reveal the true masters of this operation because there will most probably be more laws inhibiting freedom brought into the United States. If they had used white right wing Christian European stock Americans then it would have been too obvious. They must always use an external source to implement internal changes and also additionally add a patriotic slant to proceedings. The target for gun control is the white working class Christian right wing gun owner.

“Obama was all for ‘change’ and he will achieve it through any means possible. One must also take into account that everything is now geared towards disarming the American population. All media, politicians, agencies and the population will be utilised to bring change to the Second Amendment. Public outcries, pictures of blood on pavements, gratuitous shots of limbs strewn everywhere are things that people cannot ignore. These shots were released to the public in all the gory detail for a reason. They smack you in the face, and tell you that you and your children are not safe. Who’s going to step in? The state, will tell you that the guns and gunpowder utilised in bullets are not something that should be freely available to the public,” Ron Eraldite, another key researcher in the think tank revealed.

As more details are released selectively and in a timely manner, there will possibly be details about how these pressure cooker bombs were made. If they were made with reloading powder as some anonymous poster claiming to work for a government agency revealed. They will possibly find NRA booklets and other items relating to easily acquired guns in America. This will further demonise American civilian gun owners and the lobbies that protect gun ownership. The role of the Democrats is to weaken the powerful gun lobbies so that there is a massive public outcry against them. Then the job of dismantling them through division will be easier.

“Once the gun owners are made to feel dirty by the majority herd mentality, then it is game over for the second amendment. There’s nothing they can do to stop the law taking their guns. Sandy Hook, Aurora, Boston, are all indicators that the push for a total ban on civilians holding firearms is very close. All the perpetrators were under psychiatric control and they, much like soldiers in a war were ordered to carry out their tasks without question. Their minds were split into many different compartments, not aware of the other existing, they were implanted with orders and then once they carried out their sordid deeds, they were either taken into secure locations or killed. They are the property of the state, because their actions immediately create a reaction bringing in multiple laws,” the professor revealed.

No external war now, just internal for America. The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq had nothing to do with 911 yet millions of Americans believe it did.

The reaction to Boston will bring more clues, so keep watching this space.

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