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Placid Americans Caught in Headlights on Full Gun Control Forced Confiscation

ALABAMA - USA - America's state education system has created a breed of placid, conformist robots who capitulate to any state demand and have forgotten what the Founding Fathers prescribed when they created the constitution of the once great country.

The Daily Squib wrote about door-to-door gun confiscations as well as the  destruction of the second and fourth amendment in a satirical predictive article in 2011. But we knew what Obama planned with forced gun confiscation in 2008.

“Satire is the truth. What I read in the Daily Squib happens soon enough. We’re talking years in advance. It seems that mandatory gun confiscations in America are now close to happening and the American people are not doing anything about it. The fluoridated masses are too busy taking their daily soma to even realise what is going on and how their freedoms are being taken away right in front of their faces,” a Capitol Hill insider revealed.

Are Americans just going to stand there as their rights are taken away? Have they been dumbed down so much to be apathetic sheep that they let themselves be readied for the slaughter without so much as a whimper?

As the DHS purchases billions of rounds of ammunition, public gun shop shelves are empty.

The Obama administration is using Soviet techniques of constant repetition, celebrity endorsements of the gun ban agenda, and children to push for a total gun confiscation ban.

Satire is becoming reality in America as the Democrats call for door-to-door gun confiscation as a long-term agenda that will be pushed on the people, as Democratic Austin City Council member and potential next mayor Mike Martinez, revealed.

“First they get you to register the guns. Then they come and order you to hand them to them. If you do not comply, you will be either arrested or taken down with deadly force. The armoured vehicles will enter every neighbourhood and knock on every registered gun owner’s home and my guess is people will comply. Americans are under hypnosis and have lost their will for liberty. They have lost their desire to survive and their desire for free thought. Everywhere the Obama nanny state, collectivist machine is working its Neo-Marxist agenda and Americans have been caught in the headlights. They want to keep their goodies, their cell phones, their social surveillance sites like Facebook. This is why they have been fed these addictive toys, because the public will not give those up, but they will give up their guns and freedom without question just to keep their brain addled way of life. The Founding Fathers knew this day would come…and here it is folks. Just hand over your freedom like a ‘yella coward’ because you are not an American any more. You’re a coward with a yellow piss trail with no back-bone. You hand over your gun and you’re a weak defenceless lily-livered chicken ready to be slaughtered,” a true American revealed yesterday.

What happens after your guns are confiscated? You have been disarmed, you will be chipped and numbered, you will be processed and branded, you will be put in a pen like a dumb animal and you and your family will have everything taken away from them. They know there is nothing they can do to pay back the huge deficit they have racked up and when the system crumbles, they don’t want you to have a gun. Remember that the controllers and state architects plan years in advance of any move. They own the UN and they will use them to push through the gun ban. They have already planned for the next twenty or thirty years and know exactly what they have to do. And unless someone does something soon, Americans will NOT be Americans any more.

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