More time to enter – and no late entry fee. Reach a jury of journalists who love to write about great creative work.

October surprise! The Epica Awards deadline has been extended from October 15 to November 2, to give participants more time to prepare their entries. And as usual, Epica will not charge a late entry fee.

Launched in 1987, Epica is uniquely judged by the press. It gives entrants access to a worldwide community of journalists who write about advertising, design and marketing.

From well-known titles like Campaign and Adweek to specialists in fields ranging from Automotive to VR (we wanted to write zoology, but let’s not push it), an entry to Epica exposes creative work to journalists who have a wide readership among clients and agencies.

Epica is the sister company of AdForum, the global news service and advertising archive, which will also promote the entries.

Independent photographers can enter for just 100 euros. Production companies are given a 100 euro discount on the registration fee.

Winners and selected shortlisted entries will appear in the annual Epica Book, a compendium of creativity edited by ourselves and published by Bloomsbury in London. (The same publisher as Harry Potter, by the way. Creativity truly is a kind of magic.)

Epica is the hub where creativity and journalism meet. We aim to spread the word about great work and inspire reporters who are in search of stories. On this year, of all years, agencies, brands and the press should join forces to celebrate the power of creativity.


What characteristics set Epica Award winners apart from the winners of other competitions?

Journalists are critical, sometimes cynical, beasts. Impressing a panel of global reporters is no mean feat. The Epica Awards celebrate the original and the surprising – these traits are crucial.
Jeremy Lee, consulting editor, Campaign, UK

What makes a jury of journalists relevant for a creative competition?

Being able to cast a critical but an objective eye with the benefit of individual regional nuance and perspective means that Epica provides a unique platform for agencies to showcase their work and celebrate the best global creative output.
Jeremy Lee, consulting editor, Campaign, UK

As a specialist juror, how creative do you consider advertising in the field you write about?

It’s much more creative than it used to be, because of technology advancements. There are more ways to express ideas and more channels to leverage. Advertising can be so immersive now, and that’s what it needs to be in an era of unprecedented stimulation. Targeting has become much more precise and there is less of a division between B2B and B2C creative approaches than there once was, which is a lot of fun, I think.
Lisa Morgan, contributing writer, Informationweek, US (specialist juror, digital)

The Epica Awards: where creativity makes headlines.