Bailiffs Turn Up at George Osborne’s House

LONDON - England - The Chancellor of the Exchequer got a taste of his own medicine today when bailiffs turned up at his 2-bed flat and took away his belongings in front of the whole street.

“I was walking my dog when I saw the bailiffs turn up outside George’s flat. They practically broke his door down I heard a lot of effin’ and blindin’, this that and the other. Soon after they went in they came out with his telly and a few bits’n’bobs. It’s a sad state of affairs innit, we’re all in the red and looks like so is he,” Arthur Daley, 56, one of the residents on Osborne’s street revealed to the BBC.

According to reports, the Chancellor has not been paying his bills and the high cost of living in London is having an effect on nearly everyone.

“It’s London’s cost of living innit? I know that Osborne probably gets a fair bit in gov. pay, but I’ve also heard he’s partial to a bit of gambling not just on the frigging UK budget but at home too, more so than that mentalist Brown ever was,” another resident on the same street revealed.