Taylor Swift Looking For New Song Material

NASHVILLE - USA - According to reports from beautiful songstress Taylor Swift's record company, she is now looking for more song material for her new album.

Taylor Swift is looking for new song material for her latest album which will no doubt fly off the shelves to pre-pubescent girls when it comes out next week.

“She’s a fast worker, she can come up with an album in less than a week,” an executive from her record company told Rolling Stone magazine.

By noon yesterday queues of eager men were snaking around the building where Taylor Swift was located reports from local news stations said.

One man in the queue, Ed Gaines, 38, from Nashville said: “Amon getta chance to be on a Taylor Swift a’bum, uh huh. Can’t wait to get on her and getta work, then when am furnished, she gawn chuck me outta the room and git the next boy in.”