Horses Close to Extinction in UK and Europe

LONDON - England - There are fears that all of Europe's horses may have been eaten, nature conservationists have revealed.

“We can’t find any horses in Europe any more. We’ve eaten them all and we need to bring in horses from South America or North America,” Edoardo Montelban, a conservationist for the World Wildlife Fund based in Madrid, Spain told the BBC yesterday.

There has not been a horse race in Britain for weeks as there are no horses left in mainland Britain.

“Someone ate the whole bloody 2.30 Cheltenham race and now we’ve just got a retired John McCririck running up and down the course commentating on non-existent horses,” a race punter said.

If anyone sees any horses in the UK please contact: Horse Conservation Group, Not the Findus Factory, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, GL2 AAA

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