Findus Lasagne Daily Squib Offer

LONDON - England - We're offering a lucky Squib reader a whole year's supply of Findus 100% Beef Lasagne ready meals. All you have to do is answer a question correctly and you're a winner!

You just galloped into your kitchen and trotted to the freezer, oh dear, nothing to eat again. Well, if you win this amazing Daily Squib Findus ‘beef’ lasagne giveaway comp. you’ll be betting on a surefire 100/1 winner.

Soon you could be on the home straight and gallop over the last furlong and finishing line to win these marvelous meals. Just think, you won’t have to pay for food for another year.

And the lasagnes are out of the paddock, up with the pace and straight into your freezer to be enjoyed later with a glass of warm red wine.

To win the year’s supply of Findus 100% Beef Lasagnes please answer this question:

If it’s a photo finish between a horse, a Findus Lasagne and a cow, who wins the race?

Answers on a postcard to Squib Findus Comp, 43 Horse Street, London W1 6PP.