It’s all the same stuff all over again. Nothing will come out of a senate and congress hearing on the biased left-wing censorship by Big Tech monopoly companies who are literally laughing in the faces of lawmakers and the mantle of free speech.

Political censorship

Amongst the outrage and big words of the senate and congress team quizzing the CEOs of these monolithic monstrosity companies that dominate every facet of peoples lives there was not a single thought about how to halt the ‘Orwellian’ censorship and dissemination of Marxist ideology by these few conglomerate bullying bilge swilling monopoly companies.

The Untouchables

Jack did not bother attending, and it was up to the likes of the android and bespectacled automatons to field the numerous accusations thrown at the Confucianist untouchables.

At the end of the day, that is what these companies are — untouchable, simply because of their massive lobbying (bribe) money that they spread around everywhere. Furthermore, these companies are big entities in the American stock markets (NASDAQ) and there is a huge fear amongst the president and senators that to mess with their monopoly, the almighty US economy could be damaged even further than it already is. It is, of course, neither here nor there that these Big Tech companies hold huge cash reserves in offshore accounts and barely pay tax anywhere in the globe where they operate.

These Big Tech companies can even side with America’s enemies and get away with it Scott free.

“The Big Tech companies are essentially like a huge cluster of tumours in the body. If you cut them out, then you will probably die, such is their octopus, parasitical grip on everything,” a commentator revealed on Wednesday.

Hot air

The senators and congress thus can have as many hearings as they want, and present evidence of blatant perjury, undercover exposés and factual evidence of malpractice by these companies but with all this huff, time and time again, nothing will be done. Too much has passed under the bridge, and the titanium grip of these monopoly companies will never be extricated from.

The Big Tech companies are bigger than government right now, and their combined worth larger than the GDP of numerous nations in the world. Their all encompassing reach is so vast and embedded that it is now impossible to do anything about them. These monopoly companies have essentially superseded government which is now powerless and impotent in their almighty presence.

Wait and see, nothing will be done, and it will be back to usual soon enough. What a bunch of fucking losers congress, the senate and U.S. government are, but the biggest loser of all is Trump who can only watch as he quacks from his little Twitter account like the lame duck he is. He will now lose the election, because he had no power to do anything and stood by watching as his presidency was literally taken away from him in front of his eyes.

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