Government Running Out of Things to Tax

LONDON - England - The British government is rapidly running out of things to tax and could even exhaust their taxation options by this summer, worried officials have revealed.

“We tax pretty much everything in the UK, and not only that we’re bringing out over 200 regulations and laws per day,” a Whitehall source revealed yesterday.

As well as adding new taxes the government is also increasing established tax taxation levels daily.

“You can’t fart in this Stasi country without being taxed,” a retired grave digger, Al Burriya, 75, from Grimsdale, Yorkshire, told the Sun before being taxed for grumbling.

There are now calls to tax taxation itself, although this could prove quite complicated for accountants and anyone doing their own tax returns.

“By actually taxing taxation itself, we can increase revenues to the Treasury by 64% per annum, therefore the tax you already pay, will be taxed at the standard 34% rate and we may even tax the tax of the tax at a further 28% depending on the prior taxation rate of that tax period,” a shady character from the Inland Revenue revealed.