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Serbian PM Practices a George Osborne Grin

BELGRADE - Serbia - The Serbian PM who got an eyeful from TV pranksters the other day, may have been perfecting the George Osborne look.

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“The British Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne looks like that all the time, whereas it took a Sharon Stonesque gratuitous leg stretch from a knickerless woman to do the same for the Serbian PM,” a news editor for the Serbian show, Beaver Balkans, told the BBC.

Another Serbian politician commented: “Maybe our Serb PM saw the face of old Slobo down there, because both of them are c*nts.”

A Belgrade butcher, Igor Slabbo, 45, who was watching the show, said: “If Serbia is not ready to join the EU after that performance, I don’t know who is?”

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