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Queen Wants to Build Buckingham Palace II on Falkland Isles

PORT STANLEY - Falklands - Much to the chagrin of the Argentinians, the Queen is now planning an exact replica of Buckingham Palace on the disputed islands.

There have been mass riots and demonstrations against Britain in Argentina after the Queen announced the new Buckingham Palace 2 plans yesterday.

“How dare the British Imperialist Queen build a palace on the Malvinas,” an angry Cristina Kirchner told crowds in Buenes Aires.

According to architects commissioned by the royal family, the new palace will be an exact replica of the one on the Mall but have additional gun emplacements and missile silos on the turrets.

The project will cost a whopping £350 million mainly because of the transportation costs of the building materials and is set to be completed by 2019.

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  1. It will be nice to see the Buckingham Palace II with an argentine flag on it….a nice collection to Argentina…

  2. Pirates and criminals stay away from our Malvinas. Queen Elizabeth is a 19th century colonial name that is not welcome in South America. Imperialists go home. Back where you came from and return Malvinas to original inhabitants.

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