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Republicans and Democrats Involved in Capitol Hill Shootout

WASHINGTON DC - USA - Senator Dianne Feinstein was seen shooting a machine gun at Republican John Boehner yesterday in a massive shooting spree involving over 360 politicians.

The shooting started at 12 noon and continued until 11 pm with only a half hour coffee break in between.

“We saw Feinstein unload rounds like they were popcorn kernels in the direction of the Republicans, who were hiding behind parked cars in the street. Then House speaker John Boehner was shooting back with his semi automatic Glocks and a 12 bore. I never seen anything like it,” a frightened bystander revealed to CNN.

Because Capitol Hill is the seat of the U.S. government, no police intervened and were instead called off by senate officials.

The Republicans tried to gain the upper hand in the shoot out by introducing a Gatling gun into the fight but quickly ran out of ammo as the Democrat team flanked them from the outside shooting at them with an assortment of military grade firearms.

By mid afternoon the shell casings were knee deep in the street as the intermittent fire continued.

“Eric and Dianne were leading the Democrat charge, and when Obama and Biden turned up, all hell broke loose. Obama was packing an M16 and two 44 magnums in holsters while Biden had an Uzi 9mm and a Steyr AUG,” Dean Saunders, a reporter for Reuters said.

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