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Preparing for Suicide – End Lockdown Early

LONDON - England - The virus will continue to spread with a vengeance if the lockdown is ended early.

The recent sunshine in the country revealed that there was never really a solid lockdown, and the virus was continuing to feed on the sun bedazzled crowds of lemmings flocking outside.

The packed parks, trains and roads, testament to a population with little or no care for their own health or the health of others. It is quite unimaginable that these people were all out there without a mask in sight, crowded together shoulder to shoulder sucking in the coronavirus deep into their lungs.

The airports and planes are still coming into the UK daily, and all ports are open without any checks.

As for government, the murmurings of reopening businesses and schools is an essential detail amongst those who value the economy over human life.

The fact is, there was never really a proper lockdown. If there had been, the virus would not continue its daily death duties on the nine-o-clock-news. The flights never stopped, the roads and transport systems never stopped, and people were still out of their homes frolicking in the parks, or clapping like penguins.

Rush hour on the London Underground was another indication that coronavirus was given the opportunity to spread far and wide, and the packed lockdown trains an excellent Petri dish to multiply. Confined within each carriage, the mere act of breathing in and out spreads the virus, the atmosphere within each carriage a soup of virus, inhaled easily as only the few protect themselves with a mask.

Open your precious businesses now, and the schools, and see the virus truly take hold, wave after wave. Most secondary schoolkids take the bus to school and back every day, and it is here where the virus will spread fast to the homes, and to the rest of the population.

The coronavirus is now killing children, doctors on Monday issued an alert about a sharp rise of children being admitted to intensive care with a Kawasaki-like disease. Some children with no underlying health conditions have already died after their organs failed. The mysterious sickness has now been linked to coronavirus by doctors.

Unless there is a real shutdown, there will be no respite and until a true vaccine is found the lockdown should not end — especially schools.

UPDATE – Germany/Spain/China see coronavirus cases spike after easing lockdown

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