Governments across the globe are already opening up their countries even though the coronavirus pandemic is still raging, there are still billions of humans, the massive factories are back in production, the roads, trains and flights are increasing in volume once again.

Nothing has been learned, and governments have wasted trillions of taxpayers money on little respite or value.


For there to be any change to the system, there needs to be action in tackling the mantle of sustainability over a long term timespan. Instead, humans are back out in the shops buying more useless junk they will never need.

The globe is still populated by 8 billion people, and there has been little or no reduction in the numbers. The worst part is that during the lockdown, the breeding rate has probably increased, and the globe will see an increased birthrate in the coming months.


The only hope for the earth now is an all out global war, or a decisive second or third wave of virus that increases in voracity.

We have seen what a shut down has achieved briefly with small environmental signs of reprieve from the incessant deluge of pollution, but this brief period is not enough, because already the economic monster is awakening once again.

The programmed cash cow masses insist they must resume their programming, and return back to their previous lives, because their programming is so deep, and we will see in a few months that nothing was learned from the coronavirus, as their pitiful tax slavery continues without regress.