china virus - go forth and multiply
Go forth and multiply, my dear engineered virus.

The virus released from China and spread across the West’s major cities by eager Chinese tourists is causing untold damage to the Western industrialised nations, and the Chinese Politburo are watching with eagle-eyed eagerness.

Communist Virus

“The Chinese population is over 1.4 billion people and through our communist industrial revolution we have ruined our own country and polluted it beyond belief. We are now planning to move our citizens into Western and African nations once they all die of coronavirus. Any invasion will be easy, because their governments will have collapsed,” one communist People’s Army general said from Shanghai.

The China Virus imported into the West is increasing at an exponential level despite efforts to lockdown citizens, although within liberal democratic societies many people are flouting the lockdown measures and spreading the coronavirus as they go to work each day, or do not wear masks.

Go forth and multiply

In the three-month period when coronavirus was raging across China, 759,493 people entered the U.S. from China. These people travelled far and wide, deep into U.S. cities spreading the virus.

One can see the same pattern occurring in Europe where there are no borders, with its lauded Schengen zone allowing Chinese tourists to spread the virus deep into every city. The brunt of the Chinese tourism hitting northern Italian cities like Venice, and Milan as well as Rome. Spain was also a large magnet for the Chinese, as is now reflected in over 12,000 Spanish deaths in just two weeks so far.

Western nations have been caught in the headlights, and their pathetic measures of containment are laughed at by the Chinese.

“London Underground, full. No one wearing masks. Coronavirus from breath circulates through carriage, everyone exposed. People touch surfaces. They touch face, they put fingers in mouth. They breathe coronavirus deep into their lungs in enclosed space. We will soon have our citizens in their cities. China must expand!” the general added.

It is true, for the last remaining world resources, there will only be one winner, and China thinks it can do it, and is succeeding, where the West is failing.

Maybe they will let some Westerners live in their dystopian communist world, which is so lauded by the fawning WHO. To see the WHO chief praise China daily, one would assume he is in love with their brutal communist ideals and expansionist dreams.

“We will keep some of the surviving Europeans in a zoo, and we can show our kids these people who were so stupid, they did not shut down everything like we did. We will keep some Americans too, only the Caucasian ones, the African ones are too wild,” one Chinese scientist revealed on the Xinhua news network.

Cui bono? It’s certainly not the West who have had their economies decimated and left with a diseased population.

The Chinese however, are merely biding their time, before it’s time to move into the empty Western cities.