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Forced to Remain Inside Because of the Coronavirus? Here Are 5 Productive Ways to Entertain Yourself While You’re Waiting for the Epidemic to Pass

LONDON - England - Staying inside during the coronavirus lockdown doesn't have to be so painful, it can actually be quite enjoying.

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Being tied to the confines of your home may not be the highest high of your life, but it sure does beat exposing yourself to a potentially lethal infection. So today, we’re going to examine how to entertain yourself in the meantime and still get the job done without touching the front door (or any of the other ones, for that matter). And no, it does not involve jumping out the window either.

But make no mistake – this is not a generic “how to entertain yourself as an introvert” type of article. It’s more along the lines of productive entertainment. Anyway, let’s get started!

1. Having video call sessions instead of meeting in person

Need to meet up with a friend for a cup of coffee and chat? Forget about the coffee and skype-835470_640just do a webcam session instead. If you don’t have one on your pc, nowadays, pretty much every smartphone on the planet has one built-in, so it’s fine to utilize that. In terms of software to use, it’s up to you. If you’re fresh out of ideas, Skype is as good a solution as any (and free to boot). You could accomplish just about the same by typing if you only feel like exchanging a couple of hellos, but otherwise, you’ll accomplish more with a video call session in the same amount of time. Plus, the latter take much less work and are, in general, way more fun.

2. Streaming or downloading a movie online instead of going to the cinema

netflix-3733812_640Everyone needs a breather once in a while. So if sitting at home and reading a book is not your primary choice of entertainment, there’s still a way to consume video content without going to the local cinema. Simply stream the movie of your choice or order it from an online store. The downside, of course, is that the movie won’t be the most freshly-released one you can find, since these are, more or less, exclusive to being played in cinemas. But if you’re content with watching an older one (if you consider 2 years since its release to be old), then you won’t be running short of home-based options.

3. Opting for food delivery instead of going to a restaurant

Hungry and don’t feel like mingling in the busy crowds? Door-to-door food delivery services pizza-4457006_640like UberEats make it incredibly easy to order something from the comfort of your sofa without even having to speak to someone on the phone (if social anxiety rings a bell, that’s more than a plus). You simply open up the application, browse through the menus offered by the local restaurants, and take your pick. After that, they will prepare a meal and have one of the drivers deliver it straight to your doorstep. Aside from having to pay for the order itself, you’ll only be charged a little extra to cover the delivery fees.

4. Playing a few rounds of poker, blackjack, roulette, or baccarat

dice-5012425_640Since many don’t have the luxury of living near a brick and mortar casino, playing a couple of rounds online comes as a great alternative. Besides, if your current location is under quarantine and locked down anyway, there is no better time to visit an online casino than now. As a matter of fact, this comes with several advantages. For one, you’ll be able to enjoy a greater selection of games than can be crammed into any physical building. Secondly, you’ll be able to play more rounds within a given hour, which falls right in the spirit of productivity. And that’s not even mentioning the benefit of being showered with bonuses and special promotions you’re unlikely to see offline.

5. Researching stuff online

A lengthy coronavirus quarantine can kill one’s mood. But that doesn’t mean that you computer-1185626_640should allow yourself to sit on your laurels and waste the precious days like some slob you clearly are not. So what gives you the pleasure of daydreaming and being productive all at the same time? Researching new travel destinations, real estate, stock options, or whatever tickles your fancy. The core idea is to arm yourself with the knowledge in the now, so you can act on it later – as soon as the quarantine and travel restrictions get lifted.

You know how it goes: there’s always a rainbow at the end of every rain. So cheer up, get something going on and get cracking!

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