Coronavirus Panic in the London Supermarkets

LONDON - England - Chaos and disorder has descended on the capital's supermarkets as coronavirus hysteria and panic buying ensue.

A woman in a medical mask takes the last bag of cereals in the store, empty supermarket shelves.
A woman stares at near empty supermarket shelves, London, England

Panic buying has now escalated to such a level that London’s supermarkets are all but cleaned out.

Fear drives an irrational set of actions in humans, and this fear, this will to survive at all costs is the sole reason why the masses are now scrambling like rats to acquire the last morsels of food available. If they had been prepping calmly since January like most sensible people they would have enough food for 6 months but now it is too late.

Supermarkets are now rationing their wares simply because the supply chains are not keeping up with the rabid demand as the store shelves are cleaned out in minutes.

In the less desirable areas of London, we now have daily fights as the Untermenschen fight over chicken legs and crisps, the floors splattered with rice, blood and pasta shells.

The news through the grapevine is that if this situation persists, the army will be ordered to guard supermarkets before the looters begin their frenzied hunt for food, and anything else they can acquire.

In the suburbs of London, there is currently some semblance of calm although things may change rapidly as is the situation with this horrid pestilence COVID-19.

As the markets continue their precipitous descent into the depths of hell, there does not seem to be any bottom, the analysts baffled, sitting in their corners scratching their heads.

The government must bring in the army, especially in London, otherwise the riots will be uncontrollable.

To keep the schools open in such a climate is a crime in itself, but it seems when it comes to rationality regarding children, who are as susceptible to COVID-19 as anyone, and the safety of the distraught teaching staff, all rational logical thought has gone in this respect, and the government ministers are incapable of exercising the correct decision to close the schools. Who wants children wandering through the streets in such a climate of danger going back and forth to their schools?

The descent into hell in London is slow, and painful to watch…