The election has seen some real heroes, and some of these are located in the constituency of Blyth Valley, Northumberland, who have always voted for Labour, but this time voted Conservative.

Blyth Valley has been Labour for over 50 years ago.

Labour are now no longer the party of working people.

These glorious people of Blyth Valley, were no doubt Brexiteers, and it is testament for their desire for change after being forgotten and taken for granted by their Labour overlords for so long.

It is also the desire for these wonderful people, to honour the EU Referendum result, and restore democracy in Britain that truly holds a place in the hearts of voters across the country.

Where the other parties abandoned democracy, the Conservatives and Brexit Party were the only ones who wished to honour the vote of the people.

Sixty percent of the Blyth population had voted for Brexit during the 2016 EU Referendum, and their frustration finally boiled over to go as far as voting for the Conservatives.

It is up to the Conservatives to now go to Blyth, and thank these people, they need to bring much needed investment to this forgotten part of England, ignored by Labour for so many years.