In a country where ID is not required at polling stations, Labour may very well bury the Conservatives by winning key seats through a well known Labour technique of individuals voting multiple times committing mass election fraud.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn could thus be installed in Number 10 by Christmas, and Boris Johnson tossed into the ditch as the shortest serving PM in British history.

Radicalised Marxist students who follow the cult of Corbyn and the Momentum movement have been promised free tuition, free lodging, and free food by the Labour manifesto, even though Labour has not mentioned how it will pay for such things.

Students can register to vote at their university and at their home town, thus doubling or quadrupling each vote for Labour. Bournemouth University student, Lucy, 23, demonstrated this Labour technique by posting several tweets about her plans for the election last week.

Lucy wrote to other students on Twitter:

I have just re-registered for both my hometown and uni address . . . in under 120 seconds! If you live at a second address . . . add it to the register and you can vote twice. Register twice. be brave.

In other words, she was intending to cast two votes in December: once in Bournemouth and again in Birmingham. And she was rallying other students to also break the electoral rules (which state that in a national poll, you can only cast a vote in one constituency) and face a £5,000 fine.

Labour activists and other far-left students conducted the same technique in the 2017 election where Mrs May nearly lost.

“You don’t even have to show your voter card, or ID, so we have been urging students and migrants in urban and rural areas to vote a minimum of six times each. We even had one guy who voted eight times in the same constituency on the same day. All he had to do was  go to different polling stations in the same area. This is the only way we will win, and if enough people do this, then we will win and put Corbyn in Number 10,” an anonymous Labour source revealed.

Unfortunately, there is nothing that can be done for legitimate voters in Britain today, because the system is so lax, voter fraud is a major player in elections. This means most general election results in the UK are false and illegitimate fake affairs, not to be trusted.

If Jeremy Corbyn is instated in Number 10, then we will know how he got in, but it will be the fault of the authorities in charge of electoral legislation and law who will be the cause of this utter scandalous mess.