Americans Kill ISIS Leader For the Tenth Time

IDLIB - Syria - Looks like the ISIS leader has been killed for the tenth time by American special forces.

Looks like the ISIS leader, Al-Baghdadi’s nine lives may have finally expired as the Americans are sure they wiped him off the face of the earth this time.

According to a triumphant Trump, mirroring his predecessor Obama, with a massive announcement on Twitter, the ISIS leader was taken out by a team of special forces dudes choppered in to Idlib, Northern Syria.

The death of Baghdadi has been ongoing for many years with announcements given once in awhile of his death just for the heck of it.

“We kill this guy once every few years, but this time they’re going to do a verification. I think the other times they killed Baghdadi it was from a drone attack from 18,000 feet, and you can’t tell shit from up there unless we have credible intelligence on the ground to back up a kill,” a CIA operative revealed on Sunday.

How will the supposed death of Baghdadi affect ISIS? Probably not that much, because ISIS is an organisation run by many administrators who operate autonomously to the hierarchy, and these elements are scattered around the world.

The real question is – did Baghdadi’s $13,000 Rolex survive the assault from the American special force’s mission?