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British Spirit of Adversity Shines Through on Gloomy Jubilee Weather

LONDON - England - One thing the Brits have always done well is a good stiff upper lip, and with British weather as it is, that is a good thing to have in your arsenal.

“It’s not just about watching the royal flotilla pageant coming down the Thames whilst sipping your Pimm’s, you’ve also got to get a thorough soaking as well to really feel British. I’m proud of my Queen and country and as for the weather, that’s great too,” Julia Fortington Smythe, a thoroughly soaked Jubilee reveller waiting by the Chelsea bridge told the Telegraph on Sunday.

Dunkirk Spirit

One great point about Britain is the enduring spirit of its people through the most adverse conditions laid down by successive governments and royals. Through every indignity and horrible draconion law thrown at them by successive eras, they have taken it up the jacksie without so much as a whimper. Britain’s vast history is peppered with countless moments of hardship and turmoil for it’s people who seemed to have sailed through up to now and survived the onslaught.

Will the EU finally destroy Britain so it is swallowed up to become just another sheep-like slave zombie country in Europe, or will it keep its independence and national spirit — even though it has been attacked so viciously by Labour’s open door policy and unelected EU officials from Brussels?

“There is a reason why Britain is called Great Britain, not only for its conquering spirit but its leadership of the world. It continues to innovate in skill, design and ideas, even though manufacturing has all but been destroyed in this land, it still manages to make some useful things like mines and weapons to be used by despots around the world. The great thing about modern Britain is its amalgamation of pretty much everything from around the world. In other words, we’ve nicked half the wealth and natural resources from poorer countries. We should be proud of that, as well as the fact that the Jubilee celebrations will just showcase fair skinned English people having fun, and it’s a good thing the darkies have been shipped off to the outskirts for the day. You won’t see a dark face on the telly or the streets for a day, and that’s a huge bloody relief,” retired colonel, Arthur Devizes, told Sky news from Battersea.

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  1. Hopefully we'll get a few more days of sunshine this summer. All I'm asking for is two or three days.

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