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Haw Haw Hammond and 20 Saboteur Tories Collaborate With Corbyn Bolshevik Coup

LONDON - England - Twenty Tory MPs are collaborating with Jeremy Corbyn to stop Brexit, led by arch remainer henchman Philip Hammond.

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Lord Haw Haw Hammond, and twenty treacherous Tory MPs are siding with Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn‘s attempt at a Bolshevik coup to subvert democracy and revoke Article 50, thus ruining any chance of Brexit.

The Hateful Twenty

Richard Benyon, Steve Brine, Alistair Burt, Greg Clark, Alberto Costa, David Gauke, Sam Gyimah, Stephen Hammond, Richard Harrington, Simon Hoare, Margot James, David Lidington, Paul Masterton, Anne Milton, Sarah Newton, Caroline Nokes, Sir Nicholas Soames, Dame Caroline Spelman, Rory Stewart, Tom Tugendhat

“These seditious swine are willing to side with a known Marxist who will bring only economic hell to Britain worse than any Clean Brexit could ever under WTO rules that Hammond himself said was a great idea in 2016. These people, are allegedly all under the yoke of the European Union, and may they choke on their brown envelopes delivered in back alleys by treacherous forces that wish to cause harm to the Crown,” one disgusted parliamentarian said, before spitting on the floor.

One of the segments defining High Treason in the United Kingdom is the crime of disloyalty to the Crown. Offences constituting high treason include levying war against the sovereign and adhering to the sovereign’s enemies, giving them aid or comfort. Within this definition, these conspirators are working with Britain’s foreign enemies to obstruct the democratic will of the people and the Sovereign’s respect of that very democratic vote that took place on June 23, 2016.


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