Students for a free Tibet
Tibetan Buddhist nun burns herself to death in Southwest China, 2011

As Chinese tanks and troops surge on the border of Hong Kong waiting for orders to attack, the former British enclave is fighting for its right to democracy.

After 99 years of British rule, this is the end of Hong Kong, as it will be sucked up into the brutal Chinese soviet country never to be seen again. Freedom and democracy are words the communist Chinese do not understand, they are brainwashed in communist ideology from infancy, and are all automatons within a regime of perpetual slavery.

Hong Kong will sadly end up like Tibet, and the Uighur Muslim people who have effectively been erased from the earth, the people completely brutalized and tortured beyond recognition. As the world stands by and does nothing to help the people of Hong Kong, history repeats itself, as the evil hand of China comes down hard on those who are crying for democracy.

Who dares to take on the big Chinese bully? Any takers? No? Thought not..