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Where to Escape If Labour Voted In

LONDON - England - Labour Shadow Chancellor, John McDonnell has outlined how he wishes to redistribute wealth through heavy taxation and punishment of citizens that work hard and make good decisions in life.

Listening to the evil Marxist stirrings of Labour Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell, one would think we were Kulaks in rural Russia about to have all our property handed over to the state, and all our means of survival confiscated by Stalin’s thugs whilst left to eat grass and finally resorting to cannibalism for much-needed protein.

History may one day repeat itself, McDonnell is a staunch hardcore Marxist, admirer of Josef Stalin, and he admits it freely.

“If you have a garden, you will be taxed heavily. If you own any property, we will triple tax it so heavily that there will be nothing left when you fucking die. Your dreams of aspiration or wealth creation are an affront to soviet collectivist ideology. Communism means that all in the UK must be equal in suffering. Spreading wealth means robbing those who work hard for their livelihoods and giving their hard-earned money to feckless, uneducated scum who cannot and have not worked a day in their lives,” McDonnell revealed at a recent Labour conference about deporting all Jews from Britain.

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Dekulakization in Britain

Dekulakization was the Soviet campaign of political repressions created by Stalin which included arrests, deportations, and executions of millions of prosperous peasants and their families in the 1929–1932 period of the first five-year plan.

Hunger, disease and mass executions during dekulakization led to as many as five million people dying as history may very well repeat itself in the UK if Labour under Corbyn and McDonnell ever get into power.


What do you do if Labour ever wins another election

The key thing to do is to watch the signs before an election and prepare. You must sell your property/business/valuables plus move any assets off shore as soon as possible. You will need a good accountant to sort this out immediately.

All property in the UK will lose over 80% of their value overnight once Labour are elected. All your assets in banks will also be in danger of seizure.

Due to the large increases in taxation, if you do earn a large salary in private employment within the UK, your take home pay will be reduced to practically nothing. Unless of course you are a union official or senior member of the Labour party/ Labour council/ Civil Service where massive increases will occur.


Places to go

  • The EU countries are risky at the moment due to changing political circumstances, however there are still some safe havens in Europe to escape to. Do your own research.
  • South America is a dangerous shithole unless you are a billionaire and can afford a posse of bodyguards wherever you go. Look at socialist ‘utopia’ Venezuela, which is heavily endorsed by the Labour party as a success, as an example.
  • Africa is equally dangerous, and you have to have enormous amount of funds to survive.
  • Forget about China or Russia.
  • Singapore is a good bet but expensive.
  • Switzerland is okay, but expensive.
  • America will probably collapse within the next decade.
  • The Caribbean is dangerous and lawless.
  • The Middle East is dangerous, and can kick off at any moment.
  • Canada – There is some safety in the wilds, but remember heavily socialist gov.
  • Australia and New Zealand will be invaded by China within the next decade.

If Labour were to win an election, there would be a period of two to six months to implement all tasks to remove yourself and your wealth from the UK before all their punishing tax laws were implemented.

If Labour are elected into power again, you can be sure that they will win successive elections. Labour already implement a system of making sure all migrants vote Labour, and during the period from 1997, it is established that over 10 million migrants were allowed into the UK under the regime of Blair. With a dedicated voter base, it is hard to lose any election. The Conservatives on the other hand have a voter base of elderlies who are dying off.

Tip: Once you leave the UK, do not regret your action. Instead, pat yourself on the back, because you have not only saved your hard-earned wealth and assets, but you have escaped an authoritarian regime that resembles the Stasi, or Stalin’s Soviet Russia.

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