Saadi mausoleum in Shiraz
Saadi (the great poet) mausoleum in Shiraz, Iran

Limpet mines, torpedoes in the Strait of Hormuz, sounds like a Bourne or Bond film plot, but the evidence suggests Iran through the use of proxies and Iranian Republican Guard is sending a message that if they cannot export their oil through U.S. sanctions, then no one else should.

The Strait of Hormuz is where a third of the world’s oil and gas is transported, and blocking the strait off will create economic turmoil worldwide overnight. The price of crude has risen sharply at the news of the recent attacks.

The prophesy of 2011 may come true, as Iran is the prize that America has been dreaming of for many years, along with Israel and Saudi Arabia who are itching for a reason to attack the Iranian regime.

Along with the hawks of Washington headed by the head of National Security, John R Bolton, circumstances can change at the drop of a hat.

anti american mural in tehran iran with veiled women
Anti American mural in Tehran Iran with veiled women

When the U.S. administration say they do not want a conflict with Iran, there is little truth in this as they have been planning a series of strikes for years.

The bombing of oil tankers in the Strait of Hormuz is a gift for the U.S. and Iran can deny it all they want but who else would commit these obvious actions?

An incumbent war president is hard to rumble in any election, and Trump knows this full well. Voters will be united against a common enemy — Iran, and it is very rare for administrations to change during an ongoing conflict.

Iran is the key, a land never defeated in modern times, the initial strikes will most certainly take out all communications and electronics, before targeted air strikes destroy as many crucial military targets. The country has already been weakened by sanctions even with China, and Russia enforced by America. There will have to be soldiers on the ground to completely conquer Iran, and this could take a while to achieve.

Former US Embassy in Tehran
Tehran, Iran – Famous painted wall of former embassy of United States in Tehran

The only negative in taking Iran out is the imminent threat looming of China and Russia joining in the fight. Analysts would probably err on the side of caution from these two countries joining a conflict that could escalate into global war. Iran is a red line in global hegemony for the United States, and once this line is crossed, control in the Middle East will be ceded by China and Russia leaving them on the back foot.

Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth will be whispered to Trump, and if he wants to unite America, this is one gift he cannot overlook, but if he does, he may certainly lose in the 2020 elections. The purging of his supporters on the internet has left only one voice on the field — the Democrat echo chamber.

Iran is an energy superpower and the Petroleum industry in Iran plays an important part in it. In 2004 Iran produced 5.1 percent of the world’s total crude oil (3.9 million barrels (620,000 m3) per day), which generated revenues of US$25 billion to US$30 billion and was the country’s primary source of foreign currency.