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David Cameron in New 'Come Dine With Me' Show

LONDON - England - David Cameron and his wife are to star in a new show dedicated to special guests arriving at Number10 and being wined and dined by the couple.

The new show’s format is set to become a huge ratings winner for ITV1 as it will have the Camerons serving up some lovely dishes to their guests.

“Each businnesman who attends the special dinner arrives at Number10 with a brown paper bag holding no less than £250,000. He slaps it on the table and Sam Cam gives him a plate of scrummy nosh. Then when the businessman leaves, David comes into the room to write special government legislation for the businessman. Whoever gives the Camerons the biggest envelope stuffed with notes wins the game,” series producer, Rebekah Noosecorr, told Media Week magazine.

TV bosses were however concerned about the dinner guests arriving to dine with the Camerons wearing blaclavas over their heads as to remain anonymous to the TV audience.

The first series will be aired tomorrow evening, the Conservative head office has announced.

The Number10 Menu


Cream of Wonger Soup

Bangers and Loot

Gammon Steak with Egg on Face

Lancashire Dosh Pot


Hasty Bank Transfer Pudding


Bread and Corruption Pudding

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  1. For anyone wondering what you get for donating to the Government, below is a handy price breakdown.

    Dinner with the Prime Minister David Cameron = £1 Million.

    Dinner with the Chancellor George Osborne = £750,000.

    Dinner with Nick Clegg = Half a bag of chips and a Curly Wurly.

  2. Starter: Fraud Cocktail

    Main: Sausage and Cash

    Side dishes: Bent fries, crisp-note salad

    Dessert: Blackcurrency pie with Money drizzle

    Don't forget to whitewash your hands before and after, and don't forget the secret scoring afterwards!

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