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European Election Results Prove That Communism is Rife in UK

LONDON - England - Despite the conclusive win by the Brexit Party during the European elections, communism is still rife in the UK as evidenced by Remoaner voters.

Remoaners are effectively communists and embrace the political ideology of communism. They support non-democracy and do not value the result of the largest democratic vote ever held in the UK — the EU Referendum of 2016, where 17.4 million people voted to leave the EU.

This refusal to accept democracy, thus makes Remoaners part of the totalitarian EU Soviet machinery, where these brainwashed people abhor the right to a democratic vote, and detest capitalism as well as freedom.

In the spirit of Stalin and other communist leaders throughout history, Remoaners embrace the unelected officials of the EU Commission and the EU’s mantle of communism in which it dictates its ridiculous collectivist regulations and authoritarian rules.

The Marxists in Brussels are an elite unit of collectivists, much in line with the communist ideology of Lenin and Stalin.

The Liberal Democrats would not know democracy if it hit them in their faces, they are communists, who embrace communism. They are not liberal in any sense, because if you support subverting democracy and embracing the authoritarian rule of an EU Soviet state, how could you be?

The BBC corporation that receives millions of euros from the EU, has no doubt proclaimed that the Liberal Democrat vote tallied with other Remoaner parties like the Greens, means an assured victory for their plan to destroy Brexit. They refuse to even acknowledge the Brexit party conclusively won the European elections. This total disregard for democracy is the key to aligning itself with the doctrine of communism and socialism.


Communism within the UK is now part of the ideological makeup of not only millions of people within the population but whole institutions, where irregular underhand funding has created a massive bias against not only democracy as a political ideology, but of capitalism and free market economics.

The communists within the UK are very well-organised, and this is why these comrades in arms, who are willing to do anything for their beloved Soviet EU super state, are a force to be reckoned with. It may take many generations to deprogram these people, and to cleanse the UK’s institutions of the infiltrated communists, but this can only be achieved with a clean Brexit.

It is an anathema to Remoaners that 160 countries operate freely outside EU regulations within WTO rules, and the Project Fear that is applied daily by the Bolsheviks against a Brexit is testament to the sheer level of communist ideology encroaching the population within the United Kingdom today.

The nations and citizens of the EU are an enslaved imprisoned group, stuck in a communist ideology that is increasingly becoming more totalitarian every day. It will soon become insufferable to be imprisoned in this monolithic undemocratic super state, when the EU army increases its hold, and the unelected EU Commission continue their acts of Big Brotheresque dictatorship. George Orwell warned us about this many years ago, and yet the people dare to support a Soviet superstate aligned firmly within the collectivist Communist ideology of the EU.

As mentioned earlier, it will take many generations to counter the deep brainwashing of the EU Soviet state on the UK population, but there are some who are awake, there are some who value democracy and individual freedom — these people voted for the Brexit party in the European elections.

If the UK remains in the EU at the behest of the communist Remoaners and their anti-democratic fervour, it will be their children who will be drafted into the EU army and pushed to the freezing Eastern front to fight the Russians as cannon fodder, whilst the children of the elite EU Commission will no doubt be protected from such suicide.

We can only reclaim our freedom one day by leaving the EU with a Clean Brexit, otherwise the UK and its illustrious historical significance, and democracy will be lost forever, never to return.

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