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STOCKHOLM - Sweden - Misaki Tsuchiyama, creative strategist at INGO advertising agency, reveals the wonderful spaces of this amazing city to bring out your creativity.

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Welcome to beautiful Stockholm: replete with historic views and Scandinavian aesthetics. The city is built around 14 islands, which means wonderful waterside walks. Our guide is Misaki Tsuchiyama, creative strategist at INGO Stockholm and occasional writer on advertising matters.

The most creative museum or gallery

Fotografiska Stadsgårdshamnen 22, is a contemporary photography museum whose Fotografiska museumcurators know how to surprise the audience with each temporary exhibition. I saw Swedish photojournalist Paul Hansen’s work here and amazed to view the world through his eyes. The top floor café overlooking the stunning Stockholm waterscape is the perfect place for fika, Swedish tea time. Plus the gift shop is a great spot for anyone who wants to take home an arty gift.

The café where you go to read, write or be inspired

Rosendhals garden cafeRosendals Trädgård, Rosendalsterrassen 12. A hidden gem of a garden café situated on Djurgården island. I love to go there on a sunny day sunbathe and check out cute plants. You can pick up pastries like the famous Swedish cinnamon bans. The garden is like an accessible oasis for Stockholmers, where it’s easy to spend hours picnicking under the trees.


A restaurant with a difference

Gamla Enskede Matbod Stockholmsvägen 17. A charming restaurant inside a little houseGamla Enskeda restaurant located in a residential square. It makes me feel as if I am visiting a relative’s home for dinner. Very casual and cozy, yet quality Swedish foods. I ate venison steak once, and it was delicious! The staff are friendly and sweet as well.


The most creative neighborhood

SodermalmSödermalm is known for a boho-chic creative atmosphere. There is a cool outdoor restaurant owned by a film studio, Bleck, Katarina Bangata 68. It’s a popular summer gathering place for advertising folk. Many vintage shops, book stores, and small select shops to be found here. All in all a nice area to walk around in and get lost.

The store you can’t walk past without going in

Myrorna store
Myrorna store

The thrift shop Myrorna (www.myrorna.se) Götgatan 79. Am I cheap? Maybe. You would be surprised how Swedish thrift shops carry many Scandinavian vintage items. If you are into furniture, books, and porcelain, go get your hands dirty with some treasure hunting! If you prefer your hands clean but still love vintage, Bacchus Antik (bacchusantik.com), Upplandsgaten 46 is your dream antique shop. It offers beautifully selected Scandinavian restored furniture. The retro lamps would definitely add some character to your interior.

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