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Outrage Over Video of S&P Executives Urinating on Euro

WASHINGTON DC - USA - The much publicised video of S&P rating agency executives urinating on euro notes sprawled on the floor was made public on Wednesday raising outrage in Europe.

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The U.S. Treasury declared on Thursday that an investigation will be performed in relation to the S&P’s behaviour.

The attention of the U.S. Treasury was drawn by the French President Nicolas Sarkozy who requested an immediate investigation. He described the Standard & Poor’s actions as “inhuman” in a statement on Thursday.

U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner agreed with Sarkozy that the video was “deplorable” and he promised that the Treasury will carry out an investigation.

The actions in the video were furthermore depicted as illegal by the top Treasury chairman, Ben Bernanke.

“This urination video takes us and the euro back to the stone age. I thought they [the Americans] were civilized but I was wrong. Showing a bunch of S&P downgraders pissing on some euro notes is despicable. I have a good mind to merde on a few dollars. Allez, bring me some smelly dollars now so I can make a smelly poo poo onto it and don’t forget the video either,” Mr Sarkozy said in a fit of anger at the Élysée Palace yesterday.

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