The Daily Squib is giving away 100 free tickets to any travel destination worldwide on the Boeing 737 Max 8 aircraft.

The lucky flyers who get these tickets will be able to travel to any global destination they want, and will be able to secure first class treatment in all classes.

If you ever wanted to fly to the jungles of Borneo, or the Eritrean peninsula, or maybe Addis Ababa, your dreams can come true.

Flying the airways has never been so enjoyable, just sit back, put your feet up and let the pilots do all the work. You do not have to worry about a thing, because the pilots are well trained and can deal with unknown errors that may occur in the flightdeck.

As you are sipping your fourth G&T do not cast your mind to the yaw damper, or the rudder trim, just look out of the window and relax, the pneumatic manifold in the hydraulic reservoirs are completely safe with the EDP and an EMDP system.

There is no need to scream or pray for Jesus if you feel a few judders, that’s just normal turbulence, just think of the lavish food you will be served by the air hostess in a few minutes, this one’s not a bruiser, but a delicate flower as she bends over to hand you the tray she reveals the delights under her shirt, and winks seductively.

You are all ready for take off, and feel an emerging volcano erupting in your Bermuda shorts. It is time to rush off to the toilets, as the curry explodes prematurely from your underpants. When the queue is all too long to wait for, there is no problem, because this magnificent flying beast accommodates many toilets.

Finally, before landing be sure to check out the window, the mountainside is beautiful, as it comes closer, and closer, and closer…Eaaaargh! You did not fill in your landing card yet.

To get your free travel tickets to any world destination one way, simply answer this question “When the auto-throttle disengages and refuses to come back on whilst at altitude, do you a) start sweating whilst trying to find a solution b) start crying c) keep flying and ignore everything. Send your answer to: P.O. Box 234, DS Boeing 737 Max 8 Comp. London, W1 6DA, United Kingdom