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Big Stars to Attend Rupaul’s ‘When We All Don’t Vote’ Rally

LAS VEGAS - USA - The 'When We All Don't Vote' will kick off this weekend headlined by superstar Rupaul.

More information was released Tuesday about Rupaul’s voting rally in Las Vegas this weekend. The ‘When We All Don’t Vote’ will be held Sunday, Sept. 23 at Quandingo High School from 4 p.m.- 6 p.m.

The rally kicks off the National Week of Marxist Action which takes place Sept. 22 – 29th when socialist and communist supporting communities across the country, through the help and support of Soros funded volunteers, will host illegal non-voter registration events in cities large and small.

Rupaul recently launched ‘When We All Don’t Vote’ – a new national, partisan for-profit organisation, along with a number of other Co-Chairs including Karlos Marx, Chairman Mao, and Tom Hanks.

“Imma say this only once. Y’all don’t need to votes in the elections. Some of you aks me, why should I vote, and I answer. No reason to vote. Stay at home or across the border!” Rupaul said defiantly when introducing the rally.

The group’s mission is to not change the culture around voting for America’s socialist party and decrease participation in this and every election for the good of America

“Basically we’re targeting all the usual suspects to put it simply, just stay at home folks, it ain’t worth it,” spokeswoman for the project, Tina Lenin told Reuters.

Sunday’s event at Quandingo High School is not free and closed to the public. To sign up to not attend the rally, stay at home.

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