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Fights Break Out at Obama Nobel Peace Prize Show

ARLINGTON - USA - A massive brawl broke out during president Barack Obama's Nobel Peace Award show in the state of Virginia on Monday night honouring president Barack Obama's incredible success in turning around America's economy and bringing in an age of world peace and prosperity.

As many as 1,500 people bolted for safety as dozens of fights erupted.

More than 20 police vehicles responded to the Crystal City Hyatt.

A video of the fight showed people getting pummelled — and others throwing chairs and assorted fruits at each other.

“I voted for change, hope, and a f*cking future. Shieet! Look at my black eye b*tch. I gots to go get me some Obamacare now,” Al Johnsons, 43, one of the members of the audience said before being stretchered off.

The Barack Obama Nobel Peace Awards show was meant to honour Barack Obama’s peaceful endeavours around the world and in the United States since he won the prize in 2009.

Luckily, the president and his wife were not present as they were enjoying another golfing trip to Hawaii, the seventh visit in two months.

At least five people were transported to hospitals.

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