London Underground: The Terrorist Playground – Parsons Green Bomb

PARSONS GREEN - London - A device that exploded on a London Underground train today, opens up an old can of worms about safety in the London Underground system.

Anyone carrying anything on the London Underground could be a threat, anyone putting their bag down on the London Underground during travel could be putting down a deadly device designed to create maximum destruction and terror.

Unfortunately this is the technique of terrorists who wish to create terror, especially on soft targets like the London underground system.

Every day millions of people use the underground system to travel to work and utilise it for their other travel needs. As a travel network it is highly crowded, not only with local Londoners but with tourists.

London already had the 7/7 terror attacks and since then thankfully there have not been any more attacks, however the spate of atrocities created by terrorists on parliament and London bridges recently has seen an up tick in terror incidents within the central London area.

Crowded places are tempting targets for terrorists which create a lot of fear within the public, this is why terrorists want to use these areas for their work.

Should Londoners be vigilant? Of course, they should, but London has been attacked many times by many factions and people have lived their lives without kowtowing to terror.

Thanks to the Labour, London Mayor’s lax view on security and a relatively un-policed London Underground there will most probably more terror attacks on the horizon.

The Parson’s Green bomb did not fully detonate today, which will luckily give the security forces a good idea of who created the bomb.

The fear is that terrorists could utilise bombs to spread chemical agents or viruses which would be spread throughout the underground system through the ventilation systems. Let us hope this terror attack did not use this bomb as a vehicle to distribute such an agent.

What should you do to ensure you and your family’s safety?

  • Limit your time in crowded places.
  • If you can walk to a destination walk there. Do not use the underground unless it is wholly necessary.
  • Limit your use of all public transport, especially the London Underground system which is very hard to police.
  • The worst times to use the underground tube system is in rush hour and weekends, so avoid those times if possible.
  • Do not vote for a Labour London Mayor ever again.