Barcelona Schengen Terrorist Massacre: No Comment

SCHENGEN ZONE - EU - The Schengen zone extends from Calais, France to the outer edges of Europe where a steady level of traffic from all over the Middle East, Africa and South East Asia crosses into it on a daily basis.

From Libya into Italy is only a short ride by rubber dinghy, or from Morocco, or from the Baltic states, and the Black sea route.

Every day thousands of people cross into the Schengen zone of Europe which is a borderless free travel corridor. Therefore, migrants crossing into Italy can be in Paris in two or three days, or they are free to travel anywhere they wish with little or no checks. This includes terrorists, drug runners, heavy arms dealers, people traffickers and any other nasty swine that wishes to commit acts of mass atrocity.

Logically speaking in a time of war, which the majority of the Middle East/Ukraine is in, there would be a stop to such a porous border and zone as the Schengen, however we are living in times where civilian casualties by terrorism are simply looked on as collatoral damage by the EU Commission, a collection of unelected eurocratic monsters who despise democracy and the people they rule over.

The people within the Schengen zone of the EU are therefore not cared for by the authorities, and every terrorist attack is brushed over, as the next one is awaited in eager anticipation.

The sad fact is that we as humans see the mangled bodies on the pavements of whichever city in Europe has been attacked and gasp at the horror of it, the higher ups do not do that, they do not have a conscience or human emotions, and simply carry on with their insane dream of an EU Schengen utopia, whilst the actual horror is one of a dystopia in reality.

So for now, there will be a brief mention of the recent attack in Barcelona where 13 innocent people were mowed down by a van, and countless injured, however the next attack is probably earmarked for another European city, so as usual nothing will be done about the Schengen zone by the incompetent corrupt unelected leaders of the EU, there is little point in commenting on each specific attack.

People died, some were squashed, crushed, cracked open, but the EU Commission does not care. No more comment.