Prince Harry and William: “Let’s Open Up Another Can of Worms From Years Ago”

WINDSOR - England - They say it's good to talk, but careless talk by royals can come home to bite. Prince Harry and William have been caught blabbing too much.

Yes, it’s good to talk in this millennial age, where people are urged to talk about their deepest anxieties, their deepest secrets, and their most vulnerable thoughts, but is it conducive to a royal family member to do such a thing? One must remember that the royals have a multitude of enemies lurking in the shadows waiting to pounce on the tiniest crack or tiniest of vulnerabilities to be exploited.

Prince Harry, not the brainiest chap in the world wants to tell everyone about his mental issues, especially regarding the death of his mama, and then comes Prince William later on saying a few words here or there about his issues, however what may have been an innocent looking confession will now come back as a large bite.

Already the gutter press are getting ready to post those ‘lost’ Diana tapes where she speaks to her voice coach. The people posting the videos are citing Harry and William’s need to talk as the reason for them dredging up this soon to be money making video. The damage to the royals will thus be another plunging knife into the monarchy and its rotting sarcophagus.

Pont d’Alma Temple de Diana

If Harry and Wills knew the truth, of which they must suspect, about how their mother was dispatched, they would nonetheless be not so keen to air their dirty laundry in front of everyone.


We will never know why all traffic cameras were mysteriously switched off in Paris on the night of Diana’s death, and why she was kept in the tunnel where the crash occurred for over three hours whilst the hospital was less than a mile away. As for the driver, who was an MI6 asset, we will never know why he slammed the car into a pillar or any other detail research theorists have dredged up.

The fact that Diana was to marry a Muslim Egyptian and was pregnant with Dodi Fayed’s child will not be revealed any time soon either. How could the Windsors ever carry on with this stuff going on in front of them and blasted around the world news, where the Princes mother had mixed with Arab blood? There is no question that this state of affairs was intolerable to the royal family and something had to be done sharpish.

The princes thus need to learn to keep a dignified silence if they wish to keep their places. All this self indulgent nanny talk is useless and only hurts their own interests, as well as the British monarchy. Besides, they would not like the answers they found if they themselves investigated the sordid Diana ritual on that fateful rainy Parisian night.