Crazed Shoppers Raid U.S. Daily Squib Office

BUFFALO - USA - Frenzied Black Friday Christmas shoppers piled into the Daily Squib's North American offices early Friday trying to get the new Squib Christmas Bumper annual pack.

One crazed Squib fan was even filmed stooping down after a crushing injury, then willing himself to carry on and buy the Daily Squib bumper annual.

“We never seen anything like it. They queued outside of our Buffalo head office for a whole night in the freezing temperatures. Then when the doors opened at 8.30am they all piled in like crazed animals. There were some injuries as people fought to get at the Daily Squib limited editions but thankfully no one was seriously hurt,” Artie Bowden, senior security supervisor for the Daily Squib offices told local Buffalo news services.

The harrowing scenes of the shoppers diving through the front doors to get their stocking fillers were then broadcast all over the country.

“I gots me my Squib bumper edition. I had to stand over three layers of people to get it but I got one for Christmas. Thank the lord, now I just have to go to ER to get my fractured leg put in a plaster,” Jim Nevin, 45, a Squib fan who had driven all the way from Detroit told local news.