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Americans Laugh at UK’s £5 Trillion Debt

WASHINGTON DC - USA - In America, everything is bigger than the rest of the world. This is why Americans are laughing at the tiny debt incurred by Britain's government.

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“We go through that kind of debt in a frickin’ day. You Limeys think you’re something with a tiny debt like that? We can blow a trillion bucks in an afternoon and not even bat an eyelid. Hell, we just let those Chinese pay for it when they buy our junk bonds,” Ed Switzer, the Federal Reserve’s senior spending analyst told Reuters news service.

Americans have big roads, big people, big buildings, big mouths, big burgers, women with huge silicon tits and big cars. Everything in America is on the plus side, including their debt.

“Officially U.S. debt is projected to be $20 Trillion by 2015, and these estimates are conservative to say the least. The actual U.S. debt is closer to $100 Trillion. That pretty much pisses on any so-called debt the Brits have got. We could hoover up that shit before brunch. How many zeroes is that? Hell knows?” Vice President, Joe Biden told the Boston Times.

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  1. Hey Bullshit. It’s just that. America took over two years to enter the war (which started 9/1/1939 and not 12/7/41) and England took over 2 years of Luftwaffe bombing before we entered that war and it was only because Japan knew we were a sitting duck at Pearl Harbor.
    Also, Britain paid back to the US WW2 related war debt years ago, something unlikely this country will ever do, since the wealthiest 5% refuse to pay taxes and the Republican Party panders to them. Better start learning to read and write Chinese.
    Americans also like to repeat the big lies they taught us in our big (as in expensive), but crappy educational system.

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